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“Supporting Dreams with creativity”

Birmingham, UK
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Roger Moore

CEO / operations manager

Roger Moore has 20-years’ experience in music, creative arts and youth development. He has developed the creative skills in YP who aspire to become Production Managers, Musicians, and Producers. With his unique skills and expertise, Roger has created, and successfully delivered numerous bespoke nationwide programmes. Being a board member at GMIA, Roger is a prominent voice within the Black community and has worked with institutional and statutory bodies across Birmingham and beyond, to help improve Black community social positions.


Over 20 years GL360 has developed into a company to support local companies and social change groups to help them creatively promote their product and message. The creative products are customised to suit the client so we can bring our experience for you. Our creative experience covers:


Music & Event Videos | Photography | Branding & Marketing | Web Development | Music Artist Development | Event Management | Training Programs | Social Media Management | Documentary

Roger's course list

Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing and media is more important to businesses and projects than ever before. This module breaks down some aspects of digital marketing into bite-sized, comprehensible pieces for you to understand more easily.

Social Media 101

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All About Gospel Music

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Adress: Gospel Link 360 CIC 16 Grosvenor Road, Birchfield, Birmingham, B20 3NP

Email: info@gl360media.co.uk

Charity: 7071932